We welcome anyone who lives within a parish or meets certain qualifying connections to marry within one of our churches. The qualifying conditions are legal requirements so cannot be waived. If you have been divorced this does not necessarily mean you cannot marry again in church as sometimes people think. Please feel free to discuss this in confidence with the Rector.

N.B. if you wish to marry in one of our churches please contact us before you book the reception venue or make any other arrangements or financial commitments.

Some good websites to help you plan your wedding are: – a Church of England website that includes a service planner and provides a broader guide, including legal aspects.

Royal School of Church Music – a site that gives plenty of advice on musical aspects of the service, from planning and choice of music, to copyright and fees.

To discuss a Wedding in more detail, please complete the form below (scroll down inside the form to see the Submit Enquiry button):


If you are getting married in another church and need your banns to be read then this can be arranged.

At least seven days notice is required before the first reading of banns. It is recommended that you contact us at least 3 months before your wedding date.

To discuss the reading of Banns, please complete the form below: